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Wednesday, October 14, 2020


Here we go again, every year, my excitement for the incoming colder season arrives on time. Even though I love summer vacays ( read about my latest Positano summer vacay here ), I have got an affair with winter. Maybe, it's because I was born in December and this is why cold is my element (get ready for my birthday wishlist post).

What I love the most about colder seasons? Defenitely cozy nights made up of hot beverage, pop corn, movie, cozy blanket and a good company - but lonely cozy nights are amazing as well-.
If I spend these nights alone, I adore, while sipping, eating junk foods and watching a movie, to moisturize my self. I adore to have a face and hair mask on, sometimes it happens that I leave them on for the entire duration of the movie, even if the exposure time of the mask is only 10-15 mins LOL.
Usually I go for this hair mask and this face mask. Then, as soon as the movie ends and I have to take off this moisturizers products, I adore to have a relaxing bath. I add lavender epsom salt for extra relaxation. 

Then, as soon as I bathed my self, I pass onto extra hydration: eye and face moisturizers and, last but definitely not least, my latest purchase Jo Malone Hand cream and Lip balm. Our beloved Jo doesn't miss a thing!

Last step, fresh and clean pajama - preferably sheets as well - , super warm UGG slippers, a spritz of perfume ( did you read about my favorite scents post?) and I'm ready for a super deep beauty sleep.


Girls, I missed these cozy nights so badly! How do you like to spend your cozy nights?

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