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Wednesday, September 9, 2020


Hello beauties! Here I am, back again, with a new blog post that you have probably seen all over the web, the so called What's in my bag.
I have never thought of doing such a post because I didn't know if it would have been interesting for you but, I said to my self, if I like such posts there should be someone who enjoys reading them as well.
Mine is going to be a bit different because, I won't list you everything that's into my bag 'cause I'm such a mess and the 70% of things I have are unuseful, so this is going to be more of: What are my essentials in my bag, the things I must carry with me around. 

I'm going to divide this post in two parts: day and night. Because of course, things will be different for the everyday life and the after 6PM time.

Before starting with my essentials, it is important to mention my everyday bag. It has been my first  luxury bag ever and it is going to be my favorite one in my collection for my entire life. I'm talking about my Louis Vuitton Speedy <3.
Other than beautiful, it is super practical and spacious (you can literally bring all of your wardrobe inside).
I know that this bag will last forever because it has a resinated leather which means that rain, water etc won't stain or ruin it.

Fun fact: do you know that the LV Speedy bags were created to be travel bags because they are big but can be easily carried into a luggage thanks to the fact that they can be folded.

Apart from everyone's essentials such as Iphone, keys and wallet, I always (and I underline always) bring with me a lip balm or in this late months the Dior Lip Oil. I often have chopped lips, especially in winter months and having something lip hydrating makes me feel more comfortable when I have to stroll around! Also I'm not a big fan of giant wallets, I prefer to always carry with me my beloved Prada Card Holder (the one you see in the pictures). I love it, super basic, minimal yet high quality. Something else that I always have to bring with me are Air Pods. What was life before them when we had to struggle with earphones wire? Life is much easier now! BTW apart from the wires, I love them because they are super practical and since I adore walking, I always bring them with me because if I decide to long walk, it is perfect if I have music to accompany me. Then, if it's daytime, I must have with me a good pair of sunglasses. My eyes can't stand sunlight very well so, if I don't want to water all day I must wear 'em. In this particular moment I'm really obsessed with these sunglasses. They are my best spent money of this summer season. Their cat eye shape is so particular and I love the fact that are vintage - my grandma used to wear them when she was my age, and this is what I love the most about it-. Also, during the summer months, my skin tends to get red and oily so it is necessary for me to always have in my bag Avene Eau thermal Mini size to spritz on my face as soon as needed. Last but not least, since I'm a big fan of fragrances ( You can read about my favorite one here ) I adore to carry with me a Jo Malone Mini Perfume, right now I'm obsessed with the fragrance mimosa and cardamom, I adore it , ( even if I can't wait to finish it to test new other scents. Spoiler: two new fragrances have been relized).

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Since I'm not a fan of big bags ( for example I hate shopping bags, they are not even pretty) as soon I have an occasion where all the items I always carry around are not needed, I don't hesitate to replace my everyday LV bag with my beloved Gucci Mini Shoulder bag. Actually , it is not only a shoulder bag by can be used ad a purse (because the strap can be removed), as a cross body bag, as a fanny pack etc.

Obviously it is very small and I can bring only the strict essentials but I have to say that my Iphone, keys, Dior Lip Oil, Prada Card Holder and Air Pods fit perfectly.
I receive many compliments about it because it is not only a WOC but a real jewel!!

What are your essential items? Let me know them in the comments below!!



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