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Monday, August 10, 2020


Summer means, tanned skin, no make up (thanks to our tanned skin otherwise it would have been a big Nono), mini dresses, shorts, bikinis etc.
Speaking about tanned skin, I'm excited to say that I'm going to Sardinia during my week holidays, I can't wait because, after Positano, it is my best place ever to spend a summer holiday in Italy.

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Even if I'm Italian, and for us summer means mostly beach and sun bathing, I have fair skin so it is very hard for me to achieve a uniform tanned mediterranean skin. I mostly get bronzed on the shoulders but it is harder on legs and belly.
Then, recently I found out few tips that have been working really good on me.

How to achieve bronze skin without any damage ?

First of all, the main rule is to protect the skin. We all know how UV rays can badly damage our skin and can age it prematurely and I really cannot waste all the money I spend for hydrating creams or skin care in general. It is important to invest in quality sunscreens. I have found my two favorite one click here and click here.
I use two different creams, one for my face and one for body, usually with SPF 50 on skin and SPF 30 on the rest of the body. Obviously we have to apply a face cream that suits our skin types. I have got oily skin so this one from Bio Nike or this one from Neutrogena ,that is more a lotion than a cream so even more lightweight, they don't make my face shiny and clog my pores. - I used to wear this The Ordinary sunscreen but was devastating my skin because it was too heavy.
On my body, my favorite one is this one from Rilastil. It is a spry formulation, non greasy, perfect for sensitive skin. A M A Z I N G.

Above, some of my favorite sunscreens and the direct link to the shop!

How to achieve bronze skin: THE RULES

These are my main routine, few easy steps that have been working on me and, even if I have fair skin, I can achieve my goal without burning or damaging my skin.

-Apply sunscreen from home. It is important to protect yourself from home because in this way the cream can have time to activate itself, because you can burn your skin on the way to the beach and because at home, if you apply the sunscreen while naked, you can put it also in those places we always forget about for example near our panties or the bottom part of our bikini that tend to move and we can burn parts of our skin that we thought were hidden.

-Apply waterproof sunscreen: This is very important because non waterproof sunscreens "disappear" as soon as the skin gets wet. It doesn't mean only when you take a bath but also when you sweat and, I don't know about you but, sweating is a regular activity during summer.

-Don't expose yourself directly to the sun. this is the main secret of my list. If I lie under the sun, it is true, I get tanned sooner but not evenly. I become just like a Dalmatian.
If I lie under a beach umbrella, I don't burn myself and , instead, I get tanned evenly. And also, I don't suffer from extreme heat hahah.

-Always wear a hat and sunglasses. Make sure to protect the most sensitive parts of your body, your face and eyes. I usually get burned on my nose, cheeks and eye lids. Not only it is not good looking but it is super damaging!
Also, since our face is always exposed to the sun, even if we go out for a walk, it gets darker sooner than the rest of our body so wear a hat!

-Apply aftersun cream. It helps to calm the skin and maintain our bronze color even longer. I adore this one from Hawaiians. I adore it because it contains aloe vera that is like gold for our skin and because it has an ice effect that is a nice feeling for our irritated skin after a day at the beach!

-Eat tan boosting foods. This is my favorite part ever (LOL). First of all eat orange fruits and vegetables such as apricots, peaches, melon, carrots and bell peppers. They contain antioxidants and hydrate the skin. Then, last but not least, for everyone's joy: Dark chocolate that is full of antioxidants as well.

I hope you liked my tips and you find it helpful. What are your tips? Let me know about them in the comments below. Have a happy and bronze summer!!

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