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Wednesday, August 26, 2020


Photo by Taylor Kiser on Unsplash
If summer for you means eating colorful fruit and salads galore, you are in the right web site. I adore to eat fresh, healthy and above all super simple and easy to make meals.

Obviously, when you think about salads or healthy food you'll think it's boring (and I used to agree with that) but it is not. With few simple ingredients you can create tons of recipes. 
I, sometimes, have a lack of creativity but, in those moments , I always rely to my beloved Pinterest account for inspiration. What my life would be without it?

In this post of mine, I decided to collect my favorite recipes of the month (obviously taken from Pinterest) that are super delicious, easy to make and healthy.

During summer I adore two foods: Watermelon and Mango. Everyday, I try to find online new recipes that involve Mango and Watermelon and guys, this recipe is amazing. I found it on the amazing blog Minimalist Baker that has a lot of delicious recipes.
It requires only 30 mins and it is perfect for those time where you don't have so much time but you want to eat something delicious!

Dairy-Free Mango and Basil Ice Cream

Photo via Camilla Styles

Another Mango involved recipe. This time is about dessert. It is dairy free so everyone can enjoy it and it has only 4 ingredients. It is super fresh and summery.
I took this recipe from the Camille Styles blog that I really adore.

Last but not least, I found this super easy, healthy and satisfying recipes ever. Cordon bleau made from zucchini. I have never thought about this but is something genius !!

Have you got new easy and healthy summer recipes to share with me?

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