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Thursday, July 23, 2020


Are you wondering What to do in Positano? If you stumbled into this post you probably are. If you follow me on Instagram, You have seen my loads of photos I posted because I recently spent three days in this amazing place. Also, if you know me, you'll know how much I adore this place. It is magical and even if it is not the first time for me ( I usually go there once a year, every summer) it fascinates me every time, every time I stare at the view from the top (the one you see in the picture above) it leaves me speechless.
Positano, situated along the Amalfi cost is known to be the most glamorous and chic place to spend a vacay in Italy. With its pastel colors and picturesque landscape it is worldwide famous thanks to the tons of movies filmed there - such as the Great Beauty- and because is the favorite destination of all celebrities.
By the way, while a was lying on the Positano beach I decided to start a serie on my blog on "What to do" in every city I go.
So, this time I start with "What to do in Positano".

It is perfect from April to September. Obviously Positano is a summer destination so I suggest you to go there during the summer months but it is more expensive. If you want to save a bit I suggest you to go in September, the weather is still perfect and it may be less crowded.
I usually love to go in July. 

Below there is my personal list of the 10 things I love to do in Positano. I have been In this magic town many times but each of them I discover something new so, probably , next year I'm going to add many other things to the list. 

What to do in Positano: SCOOTER RIDE
I adore Amalfi coast and in particular Positano but, at the same time, I have to tell you to visit Sorrento, Amalfi , Ravello etc. they really worth it!
Said this, the first thing I suggest you to do as soon as you arrive is to rent a scooter and these are the reasons:
-The streets are so narrow that a car will not bring you everywhere, sometimes you have to leave it far away because there is no space in the streets for a car to pass.
-You avoid parking lots. they happen to be expensive and they are almost impossible to find some available.
-You can visit places the easiest way, for example , you can go to Fiordo di Furore without worrying about anything. You arrive, park your scooter on the side of the little street, take a bath and go away.
If you want to visit it by car, it may be tricky!

If you are not a scooter person, there are many ape car tours just like this one I link, where you can be carried around the most amazing places.

What to do in Positano: HIT THE BEACH

Positano, other than its landscapes, it is an amazing place to spend few hours on the beach. Not only everything is well organized and you'll have full comfort because the beach resorts have everything you need to make you relax with full options.
In Spiaggia Grande (the main Positano beach) the beach is divided into one free beach for residents and the other one where you can rent sun beds and umbrellas. One sun bed on the first row costs 25 Euro while from the second one on it costs 22 Euro (the umbrella is included).
I know it could sound a bit expensive but for its comforts it worth it!
Otherwise if you don't want to live in a glamorous way, read below...

What to do in Positano: FORNILLO BEACH
As I said before Spiaggia Grande is the main beach and, as the name says, the biggest in Positano. If you want to spend a day at the beach in a relaxed way, You should go to Fornillo beach. It is just around the corner, on the right side of Spiaggia Grande. You just have to follow the path and after a few steps you are arrived! No crowds, only nature and a few bars.

-What to do in Positano: FIORDO DI FURORE
It is located in a little town called Furore, very near to Positano. If you have rented a scooter, as I suggested you before, it is super easy to reach. Otherwise, if you are by car, you could find it difficult to reach because the road is very narrow and it is almost impossible to park the car.
I really suggest you to visit it, if you don't want to spend hours there at the beach, at least you have to stare at its beauty from the bridge.

-What to do in Positano: BOAT TRIP TO CAPRI
If you have many days to spend in Positano I really suggest you to go for a trip to Capri, another jewel along the Amalfi Coast.
The best way, in my opinion , is to visit it through boat. In this way, you can visit the amazing Faraglioni di Capri, a real gift of nature!
Otherwise, you can simply take a ferry and you can enjoy a beautiful day in Capri.

-What to do in Positano : SHOP FOR LINEN
Positano is really well know for its "Moda Mare" - literally translated " Beach Fashion". Its must have pieces are Linen pieces. I really suggest you to buy an oversized linen blazer, I love to wear it while at the beach during the hottest hours when I don't want to expose my self directly at the sun. In every shop you'll go you will only find quality pieces, 100% linen made in Italy. They coast approximately 50 Euro - and it is not a high price for a quality piece-.

Amalfi cost is also known for lemons. Even if I'm Italian I can tell you that you cannot find better lemons in the entire Italy rather than in Amalfi Coast or Sicily. There are many shops in Positano who sell beauty products made from lemons such as creams, perfumes, soaps candles etc. 
I always come home with a perfume because I have got and obsession for them!

As I told you before, Positano landscape and view is going to take your breath away. So, what is better than sipping Limoncello on an amazing terrace with a Positano view? Nothing.
This year I enjoyed drinking a delicious and really well made Limoncello Spritz. I cannot describe by words how special this cocktail was but, if you were with me while I was drinking it, you would have know my thoughts only looking at my ecstasy expressions hahah.

Also, Positano and the Amalfi Coast in general is really well known for its shoes artisans. The beautiful thing about it is they can make you quality sandals and you can customize them, I love it!

I hope you like this post about What To Do in Positano and I hope it will help you in the future when you'll visit it.
If you have further activities that you did in this amazing town, let me know about them in the comments below! 



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