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Wednesday, July 8, 2020


My favorite activity to do at night is probabily my skin care routine. I do it especially to reward my self after after an exhausting day. I love taking care of myself and I really understand how much is important to maintain and take care of your skin. If you treat your skin when you are young, it will thank you later. I know that many of you are super annoyed to take off make up and apply creams and serums at night, but you have to put effort and do it and I swear you'll be so grateful later. 

I, at first, was inspired by Korean girls skin. They have perfect skin, no wrinkles, super moistured and no discoloration. So I started to do some reserches and I learned about 10 Steps Korean Skincare and I was very fashinated about it. One of the many things I learned thanks to it is the importance of what is the right order to apply products.

What is the importance of applying skincare products in the correct order?

If you are a skincare lover like me and you spend the majority of your income in skincare products - for example if you spend on La Mer products - it is better you know that if you are not applying products in the correct order, you are wasting your money. 
You heard it right, It happens because the skin will recive half or even none of the benefits of each product and you won't see results!

One Main Rule 
The simpliest but easiest rule to follow is to apply from the thinnest to the thickest product.  Translated in beauty words, water based products under , creamy-oily products on top.  Obviously it is a general rule and there may be some exceptions. 

What is the main difference between day time or night time routine?
The main difference is that during day time skincare you have to focus, apart from moisturizing, on sun protection.
We all know how much UV rays can damage and age our skin this is why you have to apply sunscreen EVERYDAY, even if you go out for only few minutes.


In this specific time of the day I'm always on a hurry, that is why I "mastered" this very short but super effective routine.

N. 1 Cleansing 
Wash your face with a gentle cleanser, my favorite are foaming cleansers. I prefer to use only water because i don't want the cleanser to strip all the good ingredients and oils received from the night before. So a splash of water massaging the moisture through my entire face and that is it.

LTB recommends this cleanser.

 N. 2 Toner
Many girls tend to skip toner but they don't know that is essencial because it balances you skin's PH and if you have oily skin it can save you. Main rule - go for alcohol free toner-. Whatever is you skin type, it is super important to use products that are alcohol free because this ingredient can irritate your skin.

LTB recommends this toner.

N.3 Moisturizing
I simply use this fluid, to boost hydration or few drops of Jojoba oil.

LTB recommends this moisturizer.

No.3 Sunscreen
This is an important step if you would like you skin to stay young forever or at least you don't want to  age soon. I use this sunscreen protector serum that is the best I have ever tried, lightweight and it doesn't clog your pores!

LTB recommends this Sunscreen protector.



Here it is all about moisturizing and adding vitamins and super ingredients. I make sure that every day I spend at least 10 mins on my night skincare routine. When I have got the time, I pair it with a good bubble bath. Check my latest post where I talk about my spa at home routine.

N. 1 Cleansing 
It is super essential that you perfectly clean you face from make up and pollution. What I learned from Korean girls is the importance of double cleansing. You have to start with an oil cleanser that helps to melt make up. Second step you go for a foaming cleanser. For cleansers I always chose Caudalier because if offers a wide range of gentle cleanser that are perfect for my sensitive skin

LTB recommends this Oil Cleanser and this Foaming Cleanser

N.2 Exfoliator 
I recommend to do this step only once a week because otherwise you are going to irritate your skin and you'll make your skin even worse.

LTB recommends this Exfoliator

N. 3 Toner
Many girls tend to skip toner but they don't know that is essencial because it balances you skin's PH and if you have oily skin it can save you. Main rule - go for alcohol free toner-.

LTB recommeds this toner.

N.4 Serum and Essence
These products are water based so, following the rule that I mentioned before, they have to be applied as first. I usually switch between hyaluronic acid, vitamin c and retinol serums. These ingredients are extremely important ro repair and moisture the skin.

LTB recommends this hyaluronic acid serum, this retinol serum and this vitamin C serum.

N.5 Creams
Now it is time to apply your favorite night cream that includes face cream and eye cream.
Obviously your choice will depend on your skin type. I love at night to use super moisturizing cream and I recently found my favorite one ever. Click here to know which one.

LTB recommends this face cream and this eye cream

N.6 Oil
This is, at least for me, an essential step. The oil, apart from moisturizing , it locks in all the goods you have applied through serums. Also, if you have time, with your face all oiled up you can make yourself a good linfatic massage. I love doing it both with my hands or tools like guard spa or jade roller ( I usually mix them).

LTB recommends this oil.


This is pretty much it girls, I hope this post will be helpful for you. As soon as I started putting my skincare products in the right order I saw drastic improvements on my skin. Also, I would like to add that every skin type is different, that is why you always have to listen to what you skin is trying to tell you.

Let me know in the comments below if you have further tips.


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