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Tuesday, June 16, 2020


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You probably have seen all over Instagram or Pinterest, pictures of bathtubs filled with bubbles, rose petals with a side of scented candles, a glass of white wine and usually super fancy Jo Malone bath sets.Well all these mentions together make my ideal at home Spa day -even if my bathtub look is not exactly instagrammable-. So to kick start your spa day, you have to start from a good hot bubble bath.

No.1 Set the bathtub 
Rule number one, you have to transform your bathtub in the most comfortable place on earth. And the item for me that cannot miss is a Spa bath pillow.. i chose this one and is absolutely heaven. Then you’ll need a bath tray that is going to change your bath game. I usually use this one, where i put my computer, a glass of whine or a cup if tea and my book, so that my essentials come in handy and the won’t get wet.

 No.2 Sprinkle bath salts all over
I usually take baths before going to bed and I really adore to sprinkle this lavender epsom salt all over. Lavender has amazing relaxing and calming propriety so that is why i love to use it before bed.

No.3 Scented candles 
I think scented candles after epsom salt are fundamental because aromatherapy is playing a key role into relaxation. The scent I chose depends on the time of the day and my feelings as well. I usually go for a relaxing scent if it’s before bet time or an energizing one if it is during the day time. My favorite one are this one from Jo Malone and this one from Diptyque.

No. 4 Scrub and hydrate 
After spending a good half an hour soaked in this filled with good proprieties hot water (usually watching a tv show or reading a book), my skin is ready for treatment.. i start scrubbing my entire body from head to toe LITTERALLY. This is the order: scalp scrub, face scrub, body scrub. Then i put on face and hair mask and i wait 15-20 mins more.

No.5 Favorite beverage 
Don’t forget to sip on your favorite beverage through the whole process. I usually go for this erbal tea but if i do it on weekends, I like to reward my self with a good glass of white wine.

No.6 Spritz of your favorite perfume 
Even if I'm not going out but just simply going to bed, I like to spritz my favorite scent (this one from Jo Malone) because it make a whole difference. When you skin is still warm and your pores are well opened after a long hot bath, your skin will absorb the scent way better and you are going to smell heavenly for days.

What do you like to do the most during you at home Spa days?



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  1. Love all the at home spa finds !
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