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Tuesday, June 9, 2020


Even if winter is my favorite season, every year, I can’t wait for summer to arrive. I adore winter because I was born in December so cold weather is my element but at the same time i dream all year long about summer. I think i love the fashion and beauty side of it: wearing mini dresses, sandals and bikinis but also I don’t need to wear make up at all because of my tanned skin -only a bit of mascara and i’m all set-. I adore to own cheap mini dresses for summer. I am usually all about quality over quantity all year long except for summer months because i love to own tons of mini dresses, the more the better. If you want to check an on line store where you can find cheap mini dresses just click here.

Here below I’m going to list all my staple pieces for summer.

Mini dresses
As I previously wrote, i adore mini dresses. I don’t usually spend so much money on them because i’m afraid i could ruin them, you know, with hot summer weather we sweat a lot and it can damage the fabric. Also, i have got specific dresses only dedicated to go to the beach (and they can easily damage and bleach), they are usually white. I adore white with tanned skin 😍. That is why I usually opt for cheap mini dresses because I'm afraid to spend so much money for daily dresses that I can use only for a season and nothing more. I actually got expensive dresses but they are only dedicated for some occasions.
For the day time I usually go for midi dresses, and this year i’m all about pois pattern.
While for night time, the choice is only one, all black everything!!

Body shaper
You probably didn’t expect this item to be on this list but body shaper are perfect if you are all about dresses like me. I use them only for two reasons: No.1 i need to flatten my belly if i wear tight clothes. In winter time I wear them a lot under high waisted straight or skinny jeans because my belly usually stands out with them hahahahah I’m working on it , especially during lockdown i did a lot of HIIT training (read my related blog post here) but in the meantime i’m “fixing” the problem by using body shapers and some times under super skinny dresses I like to wear full body shapers because in that way you can't see it through the dress but it gives a very natural effect. Here you can find the best full body shaper ever.
No.2 reason why I use body or full body shapers is because, as I just wrote, I adore to wear white dresses but unfortunately most of them are see though and I fixed this "problem" by wearing a body shaper underneath! You should try! Find best full body shapers here!

I love spending my days on the beach and I’m very lucky because my country has amazing beaches, it also happened that i live near sea side -yeeeey-. Usually my bikini collection consists of the same model of bikini in every possible color. 
I leave you a link of this e-shop where you can find amazing offers on wholesale bikinis.. take a look here!

White T-shirt
I think white T-shirt is a must have in every girl's wardrobe, it can save every outfit from being boring to chic, plus, you can find it at a very cheap price and high quality- I recently bought one at for only 4 Euro.

White Sneakers 
They are my all time favorites, they are versatile, you can wear them under a mini dress (for example with the one I mentioned before) or under everything you could possibly imagine.
You can create both a chic or casual look plus I love to wear super comfortable shoes.


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