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Monday, May 18, 2020


Photo via @lilysloanes

Bared legs, tanned skin, sun lighted hair and traveling to summer islands, this is what I love the most about summer. Even if I'm a big fan of winter, summer warms up my heart and gives me happiness.
Even if this year traveling is going to be a bit hard since Covid-19, we can still enjoy summer vibes. I consider myself lucky enough because my country during summer months is so special, I live in Italy and we all know it is full of summer destinations.

"I love my own pieces, my own fashion, my own style."

BTW during this lockdown period, I'm dreaming about summer outfits I can wear. I usually like to buy classic or basic pieces because I know I will never be bored of them and I don't waste my money. I don't like to follow beauty trends because I think they are only temporary and I don't usually like to wear something that is owned by everyone. I love my own pieces, my own fashion, my own style. An item that cannot miss in my summer capsule is a White Summer Dress - exactly the one you see in the picture above-. It is perfect when paired with a straw bag - and you can find on the web tons of brands who sell it: from the cheapest from Asos, to the designer bag as the one from Prada.
Than for what concerns shoes, the choice is all yours because this dress is perfect with every kind of shoes: from these black studded sandals as the picture, with a platform pair of Converse All Star, or a sexy kind of high heels sandals for date nights!

What is you staple piece in your summer wardrobe?

Ps. While I was writing this post a parcel from Zara just arrived, I can't wait to show you what I got!


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