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Monday, May 25, 2020


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In this particular moment of our lives, where people lost their jobs or are not making any money, we have to carefully ponder our expenses.
Since I wasn't able to meet my boyfriend for two months due to this lockdown, I have been enjoying, now,  spending time with him at home. I missed our daily routines, I missed having a casual dinner with him or simply watching a movie together in bed. Other than that, this at home date nights are helping us saving more money for our future - I just realized that the majority of my money are spent on dinners or, in general, dates-.
Below I'm going to list some of my favorite at home date nights!

Garden Picnics
We are lucky because my boyfriend has home with garden. I really love having lunches or dinner dates with him in his garden, especially now, with bright, sunny days, it is amazing to spend some time the two of us - can't wait for summer to arrive -. Obviously if you don't have a garden, you can easily go to parks or public villas.

Spa Date
I love these kind of dates. We used to go to a hotel with spa facility not very far from our homes (maybe one hour drive). Now, because of this virus, I don't feel comfortable to go there, that is why we decided to recreate our own Spa at home. We fill the tub with lots of bubbles, a glass of wine wine or Champaign and lounge music, it is so relaxing and refreshing! I love it so much!

At Home Cinema
I adore watching movies, I think that during this lockdown I finished all Netflix movies to watch -LOL-. We adore watching movies on the couch with blanket on, red wine (or hot chocolate in winter time) and popcorn. I recently bought an Air Pop Corn Maker so that I feel less guilty for my movie nights - I don't know about you but I really cannot watch a movie without chewing on something, it makes the film even better-.

Cocktail Parties
I love making my own drinks and I love to experiment new recipes. I adore tequila and I love finding new recipes on other blogs and I especially have found this Tequila Sunrise Spritz , I fell in love for it. We enjoy replicate these recipes together and we enjoy drinking them a lot hahaha.

Long Walks in Nature
Living in the city is not making me enjoy nature a lot. That is why, when I have got the time, I love enjoying long walks in nature with him in his neighborhood. He lives in the country side so we don't even need to take the car to immerse ourselves in nature, that is why I consider it at home date.

What are your favorite at home dates?

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  1. I like the garden picnics and walks the best. We've also been enjoying taking some drives lately (although to be fair that's not really staying home). Still good fun though! Thanks for the ideas!



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