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Monday, April 6, 2020


As soon as I wash and style my hair I feel a different person, more confident, I feel beautiful. Everyone can say that what is happening during a good hair day is going to turn perfect.

I usually take good care of my hair because I have it thin and bleached . So this is why I never use a straighter or hot tools in general - I don't even own them- ( only in very rare occasions, usually once or twice a year at the hair salon hahah). And you are going to ask: How can you live without a straightener?
Easy, few moths ago I usually used round brushes before I discovered this amazing tool from Dyson that changed my life and hair forever!

In which way has it changed my life?

-Temperature: Its new and innovative technology allows you to style hair without using extreme hot temperatures but it is smart enough to maintain it under 150 degrees.

-Time saving: since this tool works on damp hair, I can style and dry my hair at the same time. It usually takes me maximum 10 mins to style it straight and 15-20 mins to style it wavy/curly.
My technique is to 80% air dry my hair and then I use the brush tool to straighten it. Otherwise when I'm in a hurry I 80% blow dry hair with Dyson Airwrap and then I switch accessories and straighten it. Make sure you are working with damp hair otherwise the effect will be completely different. The only brush accessory that works also with dry hair is the round brush.

-Amazing results: You cannot believe the amazing results you have after you style your hair with Dyson. Also my boyfriend recognizes when I use it - and usually men don't realize any difference in our hair when we change it hahaha-.
Hair look smoother, shinier and healthier and that is what I was looking for -thank God because it is very expensive-.


-Price: I mean, it is not a proper cons but you have to take it into consideration. There are also other tools, like this one ,that do similar job at a cheaper price. But after trying both of them I can really assure you that all your money are not waisted.

-It doesn't substitute your flat iron or curling iron: Listen carefully.. This is an amazing tool that gives you an amazing blow dry, amazing straight blow dry, amazing blow dried curls. You'll have a hair-dresser-like result. Flat and curling iron results are a bit different so I suggest you to buy it only if you want to achieve hair salon results. I personally like voluminous hair and Dyson Airwrap is the answer for me.

-Difficult to use at the beginning: Many first impression reviews of the product say that it doesn't worth the money. I can assure you that it does. The only problem is that at the beginning it is a bit difficult to use because it is a new way of styling and none of us is used to it. Using the straightening wand is super easy but when curling it is a bit difficult at the beginning.
I suggest you to watch tutorials on You Tube (there are many of them and they are all super useful).

Are you using Dyson Airwrap? What do you think about it?
For me is heaven and has changed my life!



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  1. I have heard a lot of good things about the dyson air wrap! It does look really great but is a little expensive. I’m glad it worked well for you though x



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