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Monday, April 20, 2020


Coat- Missguided
Is it possible for us women to leave the house without bringing a bag with us? The answer is no. Shoulder bags, Shopping Bags, Pochettes, Totes etc, weather is their form, they are a must in our daily lives. Apart from the useful task they have they can really brighten up and improve an outfit so that you can transform it from boring to chic in just one touch. Isn't it amazing?
If we want to consider the practical and useful task they have, we probably just need only one. Some people, minimalists the most, just need one black classic bag or at least one that you can put on every outfit. Even if I have to admit I adore black bags, It is not enough for me! Sorry.
I need a black one because it is a staple, a red one because is my favorite color, a cream one because I usually wear all black and I just want to give a less dark effect to my ensemble, a light blue one (just like the one in the picture) because it is perfect on summer white dresses. I could go on with my list forever.
I also love to collect them, I'm only at the beginning of my collection because I need time to make money for them, well, they happen to be very expensive - cruel world!-.That is why I decided to make a list on my Pinterest (link here) of all the bags I'm craving for.
The first bags that I added to my collection are, of course, the LV Speedy (I think it should be every girl first luxury bag), the LV New Wave Chain bag (because I love small, black bags) and the Gucci WOC (for occasions where I need mini bags such as dinners, parties etc). Not bad as a first start!
If you haven't this bag collection addiction, I really think that Is better to have one staple bag but designer made. They last your entire life and they will worth money.

At the moment there are two beautiful bags on my wishlist that have stolen my heart.
Let's start!


Un post condiviso da CASS DIMICCO (@cassdimicco) in data:

I think Bottega Veneta is the most chic luxury brand. It can transform a simple design in something memorable and most wanted. My favorite coloration is in white ( very classy and you can wear it on every outfit) and light blue (as the one you see in the header picture).



This is another brand I'm in love with. The same, this brand doesn't need big logos to get your attention. Its classy style is exactley what catches you . If you would like to buy only one luxury brand bag in your life, I definitely recommend you to buy this one.

It is amazing in every color. Obviously black is a staple. I would buy it in black and the Bottega Veneta in white - the perfect pair-.

I know the price is very high for standards but it is going to last for your entire life!

If you see pics of this bag on Pinterest for outfit inspiration you will see that this is the perfect match for every style: classy, sporty, cozy etc.


What do you think about my two picks?
 Let me know what is on your wishlist!


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