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Monday, February 3, 2020


This is my new 2020 discovery. The most comfortable shoes I have ever tried, even better than UGG boots and, I swear, I am an UGG boots addicted-lover but I have to admit that these babies have stolen the first position in my heart. What I love the most about them is that you can buy the wedge version, colorful version, printed version etc. Also I bought a pair with a sneaker-like sole, super resistant and super comfy. It really seems you are wearing sneakers.

As I said before, I'm a huge fan of them. My favorite one are the classic version even if, at the moment, I'm also loving the Mini Bow II. They are super cute especially if, in my opinion, you buy them in light blue or light pink.

A classic, they are a bit uncomfortable at the beginning because the leather is super hard and you are going to end up with feet hurting buuuuut, you have to be consistent, the more you wear the the more they will be comfortable. I give you my word.
P.S. I recommend you to buy half size up because your feet must be comfortable in it otherwise it will hurt so bad!

These three are the main three shoes. They always have to be in my shoe rack because are the one I wear daily.
For sure I also need a pair of decollete shoes for special occasions.
Or, when I want to be pretty but comfortable at the same time, I wear sock boots, OMG they are amazing, I'm specially in love with Tommy Hilfiger boots, the are unbelievable comfortable even if they are 9 cm high.

I could own thousands of shoes but these listed above are the one I could never live without.
What are your signature shoes?


Mou Tan Mini Boots • Mou • $235
Mou woven detail boots • Mou • $264
Mou Black 18 Ankle Boots • Mou • $200
Mou star-embellished ankle boots • Mou • $324
Mou Eskimo ankle boots • Mou • $267
UGG® Customizable Bailey Bow Mini Genuine Shearling Bootie • UGG • $154.95
UGG® Classic Bling Mini Bootie • UGG • $169.95
UGG Customizable Bailey Bow Mini Booties • UGG • $155
UGG® Mini Bailey Bow II Genuine Shearling Bootie • UGG • $149.95
UGG® Classic Mini II Genuine Shearling Lined Boot • UGG • $139.95
Dr. Martens '1460 W' Boot • Dr. Martens • $149.95
Dr. Martens 1460 Pascal Core • Dr. Martens • $140

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