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Tuesday, December 17, 2019


Christmas and my birthday are coming and there are toooons of things on my wishlist. Some more expensive than others. I'm not the one who asks for something in particular as gift, I like surprises the best, especially from people I really love - I mean, if you know me very well you should already know what I want hahah-.
But at the same time, I'm a person who likes to treat herself with presents from my creditcard to me I already treated me with a Louis Vuitton and a Dyson Airwrap recently (I'm testing it right and when I will be 100% trained to use it I will write a blog post about it). GO HARD OR GO HOME!.


GHD STRAIGHTNER.. This is something that is lying in my wishlist fo so long. I explain you why: I don't use hair straighteners at all because I'm really afraid to ruin my hair with extreme heat. I prefer to blow dry instead. That is why I recently opted for Dyson Airwrap but I can tell you for sure that one cannot replace the other. They are two different tools that give two different finishes. BTW I would like to try the ghd platinum + because I like the fact that it adjusts the temperature based on you hair type and since I have thin hair it won't ruin my hair so much!

I'm in love with Yankee Candles, any fragrance is accepted. I don't know why I love them so much even if there are many good quality candle brands. Also I think yankee candles are good quality and fair price! But this time I want to try also.. (read below)

I'm in love with this brand. I own I lot of colognes. At the moment I'm using Myrrh an Tonka. I love it, it is the perfect wintery fragrance. I really suggest to try it if you like oriental scents. So I am defenitely going to stock up my perfume stash.
Also, I would like to try Myrrh and Tonka candle. I have never tried any candle from this brand but since their scent are a guarantee, they won't disappoint me.

Since I bought it and I had the opportunity to try it I really think that this item should be on every girl's wishlist. It is amazing, not only it did help my hair to get healthy but it also cut you hair dring and styling. Now it only takes me 10 minutes to both dry and stile it. I know the price is high but I really think it is worth the investment.


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