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Monday, July 15, 2019


Goodmorning ya'll.
In this moment I'm writing this blog post sitting in my office dreaming about my summer holidays, I really can't wait. Said that I'm also hardly waiting the courier because I bought the newest Mac Book Air 13 and I'm so excited to have it that I hardly can't wait.

Just yesterday I was thinking, after my tech purchase, what would we be today, in 2019, without technology? Everything today is digital, and we can't live without some tech items.
That's what this post is all about: my tech items I can't live without on a daily basis.

No. 1 must have. I can't leave the house without my Iphone. I have everything on it: Notes, meetings time in calendar, everythig, I would be lost without it! I'owning, at the moment an Iphone 8 Plus. This is the first plus version I have ever owened and I love it so much! - I don't think I can never go back with regular size phones. I really love to play with covers, and I love this site so much for tech accessories, they have tons of covers, if you want have a look at their site!

As I said before, I just bought a new PC. This is the second tech staple I need to own. You have to own at least one PC in a house, according to my opinion. If you are a student you'll need it, If you have a job, you need it, in the house, you need it. Also FYY has beautiful laptop bags, I love them because they make super easy to carry you laptop around. I personally love this total black laptop bag.

I was skeptical at first. I thought I didn't need them, I thought they weren't so comfy and that they would fell off easily but.. I completely changed my mind. We are now inseparable and I still keep thinking - How come did I leave without them before?-
I also love to dress up the AirPods charger.. I have got this battery cover on my wishlist, but you can find very cute ones all around the web.

Mirrorless Camera:
I love to take pictures, We are super lucky that nowadays our phones have super professional cameras. I have got an IPhone 8 plus at the moment that take A-M-A-Z-I-N-G pictures. I bought it as soon as they released because I loved Its portraits picture mode. But, even if my phone takes stunning photos, I love to carry in my pure a mirrorless camera. I use this one. I loved it because It wasn't pricey, because the display turns around so when you are taking selfies you can see yourself in the display.

If you are interested in FYY products, you also have a 10% coupon code: JY21BYDGV7M2

These are my main tech Items I cannot live without. Which are yours?

In partnership with FYY.


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  1. Its Amazing how technology has taking over the world ,I literally live on my Android phone, from my finances to even to even my laundry machine at home ,my phone controls it all. Great post .




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