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Tuesday, March 12, 2019


February has come to an end. Even if it had only 28 days It seemed to me the longest month so far. I'm really happy, by the way, because I saved a lot of money and It doesn't happen so often - unfortunately-.

This month beauty buys have been so satisfying because I bought few products that I really adore and I'm asking my self how did I live without them ?

I'm a bit jealous to tell everybody the name of this amazing primer but at the same time I want to spread it all over the world because it changed my life. CLICK HERE TO KNOW IT. As I wrote on my last post - read here - I have got oily skin and this Filorga primer really changed and saved my life. I just apply a tiny bit on my T-zone and then blend out on the rest of my face. Not only this primer allows you to have a matt face through out the day but it lets your make up last longer.

In the past I preferred BB creams instead of foundations because I found them lighter but I just discovered this amazing foundation from Bobbi Brown that is super light and super matt.
I you have dry skin instead there is the dry skin version of the same foundation.

I haven't found the best eye-liner, but this time, the same day as I bought the foundation that I have just mentioned, the lady at the Bobbi Brown counter introduced me to this one. I hate waterproof eye-liners because the are to hard to remove but the were the only one who lasted all day. This one from Bobby Brown instead is super long lasting but at the same time super easy to remove with a cleanser. I really suggest you to try it!!!

We all know how good Fix-Plus from MAC is, but I have never tried the mattifing kind. It is amazing on my skin. But now read carefully.. I have to share a little secret of mine: After I finish my make up, I spry a little bit of the Fix plus on my sponge then with the same wet sponge I take a bit of setting powder and I apply everything on my T-zone. Girls, I swear, this is an infallible method to prevent your skin becoming oily during the day!!

If your interested in the products I mentioned, click below!

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