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Friday, February 15, 2019


I'm not a Korean girl, but I really care about my skin just like them. I really love when my night time skin care routine comes because I feel like it is a sort of me time, a reward after a long though day.
Btw I don't really like my skin type. It is greasy in the T zone (forehead, nose, chin and cheeks). It is very stressfull especially when I have to sped the day away from home and every 2 hours I have to put powder on to get rid of the shiny effect that I have got on my forhead.

Lately, I've found the combination of products that really help my skin to be less oily during the day. Obviously these tips won't work for everyone because It really depends on every person's skin type but I wanted to share it with you because I'm pretty sure for many of you It is going to work.

First of all, include a mattifying toner in your skin care, you have to put it both at night and in the morning (even if in winter, before bed time, I like to apply an hydrating toner). It will re-balance you skin ph and that is what really helps you into this "skin therapy".
I love this one and I think I will never change it.

Another tip is to avoid putting on your skin too many products, don't put too much foundation, only a tiny bit and make sure you use one that doesn't contain any oil in it. If you layer your skin with too many products it won't breathe and this is what is going to cause oily skin during the day. Also, your pores will be clogged and you are going to wake up the next day with pimples and imperfections!!
Lately I've been using the Bobby Brown foundation and it really works. It has a super natural finish and It doens't contail any oil into its formulation, that means It is perfect for oily skin types.

Well, this tip may sound strange for you since I found out that if I don't put powder after applying foundation (especially after Bobby Brown foundation) my skin doesn't get oily. Or at least, It becomes greasy only few times, especially if I'm in a very hot place. Only in these specific occasions I apply mattifying powder only in those occasions and only when my skin needs it and a veeery little amount. 

This DIY mask really helped me a lot. You only need two ingredients: two teaspoon of pure aloe vera gel and one teaspoon of turmeric. Mix it all together and it will purify and matify your skin!!



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