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Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Today is the 30th of October and guess what? I cannot wait for winter to come. I probably am the only person who says so but there is something between me and winter that I can’t explain. The only thing that I can tell is that I love to wear cosy sweaters, I love watching movies at home with my boyfriend while sipping on some hot chocolate accompanied by a vanilla scented candle from Yankee Candle. All right, I don’t like stormy days, but they are part of it. If is just like a boyfriend, you have to love him accepting all of his blemishes.

What I don’t like about winter, are the effects cold temperatures make on my skin, especially on my lips. I cannot live without a super hydrating lip balm and I do, at least once a week, a lip scrub ( I specially adore the one from Lush Cosmetics, the chocolate and cinnamon one – I ADORE IT-).
Thanks to these three products, I cannot complain about my chapped lips. I fell in love three different times.

This is the one I go for when I want to have a pop of colur on my lips, I love it so much because it moisturizes my lips very well and gives my lips a beautiful shiny finish.

2. Kiehl’s
When it is about skin care, Khiel’s is always one of my favourite. It has created two of my favourite pieces about lips care.

This lip balm is amazing. It moisturizes your lips a lot, It adds colour ( I bought it in red but you can find it also in peach, burgundy or nude) and also protects your lips because it has SPF in it. It’s a bargain.
When I need to particularly moisturize my lips and I don’t care about the colour, I go fo this Kiehl’s lip balm, It has amazing flavours. My favourite one is the mango flavor. If you click here you can see the other flavours.

What are your favorite lip balms?



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