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Thursday, October 4, 2018


As you probabily read in my latest post on "How to pack when You have only one carry-on bag", I was preparing my self and packing for a short trip (5 days) to Budapest, Hungary. 

It is a small city, capital of Hungary Where Buda (the ancient part of the city) is divided from  Pest (the "modern" part) by the Danub - this is, in my opinion, what characterizes the city -.

Take a day to rest in Its amazing Thermal Baths:
This is the first thing I recommend you to do in this amazing city. I went there probabily with the purpose of visiting its thermal baths. The city owns 125 thermal springs and I decided to go to the most famous one: Szèchenyi Baths with 15 indoor baths and 3 large outdoor baths. I really recommend you when visiting Budaperst not to miss this experience.

Eat Goulash
Everytime I visit a new city, I like to eat and live according to local traditions. During my 5 days in Budapest I did eat nothing else than Goulash, traditional hungarian pizza called Langos and Hungarian sausages.

Goulash is nothing than a meat stew with vegetables ( and sometimes noodles ) seasoned with paprika and other spices. -I have to say that they use paprika almost on everything-

Langos: it is a fried dough ( flour, yeast, water and salt) usually topped with mashed potatoes, cheese, sour cream, ham or sausage. If you go to the Central Market you can find it in every way.

Go to the Central Market: I think visiting the Central Market is what made me experience Hungarian traditions the most. Actually, even more than visiting the National Museum. The architecture is what caught my attention the most. There, I bought their famous paprika and Hungarian salami - Pick brand is the most famous in Hungary- to bring back home with me.
The building is made up of three levels and usually the ground floor is the busiest but my absolutely favourite was the upper floor wher you can find Hungarian food ready to eat.
It is closed on Sundays.

Have a Boat Trip on the Danube: You cannot miss the Danube cruise. You will find you in the exact middle of the city, between Buda and Pest. I did it at 09.30 PM because Budapest at night time gains even more charm. Several companies offer sightseing cruises, you can choose from one hour cruise to buffet/dinner cruises.

Visit the House of Terror: It commemorates the victims both of communism and nazi regime in Hungary. The basement of this building was used as a prison. In this house of terror, thousands were tortured and killed. 
Visiting this place is very touching and It has symbolic meaning for Hungarian people.

I absolutely recommend this city, Have you ever been there?

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