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Saturday, August 4, 2018


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We all struggle with this problem: waking up in  the morning already tired. I’ve been wondering why for half of my life, or at least since I first started high school.  Recently I  found few tips that really helped me to have more energy in the morning, even having slept few hours.


Dehydration is the first reason why we wake up in the morning feeling week and tired. If our body is well hydrated through the night we are going to be very energized. So, before going to bed, drink a big glass of water (room temperature) and you are going to notice a big difference -other than drinking maximum 2 l of water per day. I also have to say that drinking more, let me got rid of under eyes circles.
Stop eating Junk food

Don’t get me wrong,I’m not saying that you have to avoid them for all your entire life –Even though sometimes I really need to eat a big McDonald’s hamburger, It is like a soul therapy- but you absolutely have to avoid them at dinner time if the next morning you have the alarm set very early or you have an important day where you have to stay focused and energized. Instead, prefer light meals such as meat + veggies or if you are vegetarian, legumes + veggie and a bit of carbs (they are not our enemies, you have to eat them but in small portions).

       Look at your sleep cycle.

Did you ever wake up in the middle of the night super energized even if your alarm is in 2 hours? You completed your sleeping cycle and you body wakes up all by itself. In those cases it is better to stop sleeping and being in bed because your body is telling you that you had enough sleep.
It is proved that our sleeping cycle is made up of three phases.
NREM , REM and then NREM again.  All these stages all together last more or less 3 hours, that is why it is better to sleep at cycles of three ours. It means, it is better to sleep 6 hours than  8 (because you slept and completed 2 cycles of sleep).
   Lets move.

Other than helping you with weight control, practicing sports or doing workouts really help us sleeping better during night. But I suggest you to workout in the morning because if you workout right before or after dinner, your body produces adrenaline, that won’t let us fall asleep very soon.

     Avoid electronic devices.

Even using electronic devices before going to sleep won’t help you fall asleep very soon. The best would be to avoid them for 1 hour before going to sleep. I personally find very useful to take a bath or reading a book or focusing on my nigh time beauty routine in this our instead. It really helps me a lot.
These are my tips, what are yours?


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