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Wednesday, May 9, 2018


Venice is a magical city, We all know, but living it is something else. Every time I go there is not the same as the last one. Its romantic architecture and its particular and spectacular landscape takes your breath away -prooved-.
If the weather is perfect as the one I found, it will be even better. I went there last month but It felt like summer time. It was really sunny and hot and my clothes were not so appropriate to the temperature but, who cares!
I'm going to write a "Venice City Guide" -stay tuned-(in the mean time, if you want, read my last city guide post that was all about Fuerteventura, Canary Island (really recommend you to go there).  
You cannot miss this landscape. At least once in your life time you have to stop here and stare at this view (with your mouth open in bliss).
I have tons of pictures of my self staring at those beautiful views this city owns,I really cannot resist. I'm enchanted by the colours of this place. I also love watching gondolieri on actions, I find them fascinating and very traditional but I really don't want to take a ride on a gondola ever, it scares me a bit!

If you are an Happy Hour fan just like me, Venice is the right place. You can have Cicchetti with your friends at every hour. What is it? Well, cicchetti are Venice traditional finger foods usually accompanied by Aperol Sprits or drinks in general.

If you visit Venice during this particular time of the year,  your going to find an amazing weather, not to cold,not to hot, perfect to enjoy this city at Its best!

Because on this month, It is not very crouded, usually during summer or during the Venician Carnival, the city il literally assalted by tourists and you wouldn't enjoy the city.

Because in May it is not  too expensive to book a room. Well, I have to admit that Venice is the most expensive city to visit in Italy. To book a double room your going to need at least 150 Euro for a small Hotel Room. But if you go on summer time, prices doubles. So, why not togo now??


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