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Friday, May 4, 2018


I struggle every day with under eyes circles. I realized that, unfortunately, I have to deal with them daily, I cannot get rid of them but the only thing I can do is to contrast those imperfections. What I love doing before going to bed is to use Sephora eye mask patches.. I put them in the fridge for 15 minutes and then I place them under my eyes and let them sit for 10/15 minutes.
In the store you can find many different patches, I went for the moisturizing and brightening litchee mask, I love its smell and the thing that I love the most is that It has a brightening function that is the thing that I need the most to contrast my really dark under eyes area.

Another fact.. I don’t know how to live without a dryshampoo.. I always go for batiste dry shampoo (the green one) but this time I wanted to give this Sephora shampoo a go. I have to admit that I’m very loyal to my beloved batiste it is the No.1 ever But since I love to change products products frankly this is a good alternative.(It also make you hair smell like coconut A M A Z I N G)

Let’s pass onto make up.

As I said before the under eye area gives me a lot of problems in the morning. I cannot leave the house without applying a very good concealer to cover them and It takes me good 5 mins to give my eyes a high coverage effect but still look natural. It is not always so easy to find a good concealer that has a full coverage finish not looking too cakey that at the same time doesn’t pile up into my fine lines under the eyes.
This time I’ve got the answer: ESTEE LAUDER STAY IN PLACECONCEALER.

I really recommend this product, This is the best make up buy I've ever done.

What about lips. If you follow me you probabily know that I love and always chose red for my lips. Red or Nothing. If I know that I have to stay away from home all dayI'd rather chose a long lasting lip tint and not retouching it during the day instead of choosing a regular lipstick that I have to reapply every two hours. My always choice is the Chanel Ink Allure. It is not too sticky as the usual lip tints you find on the market but it is suuuper moisturizing and you don't even recognise you have got it on. I have got it in number 148 Libéré. Is the perfect red for every occasion.  I also want to try it in number 144 Vivant, a nudy pinky colour perfect for every day.

Two things I cannot leave without in the moring are, for sure, concealer and mascara. Mascara really makes a different in your appearance. It makes your eyes bigger. I found the perfect Mascara ever that just with one coat makes your lasches 4x longer, This magic tool is called - Benefit Bad Gal Mascara - The only cons that it has is that it doen't come off very easily. I find it difficult to remove it even with waterproof make up removers. That is why I decided to use it only on special occasions while on a daily basis I always go for a more gentle mascara.



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