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Monday, April 9, 2018


Welcome in the second "episode" of: Inspiration around the web, where I list a few blog post I loved or I found really interesting around the web.(If you want to read the fist episode post, here is the link)

Let's start with the chart:
1. Since I'm doing a spring wardrobe clean up I found this Lauren Conrad post on how to wash your clothes and don't ruin them so we can wear our favourite spring dress every year and let it look as if it is brand new!

2. I'm a real fan of night time skin care routine. It is prooved to be very important for our skin health and youth. That is why I want to share this post on The Correct Order to Apply Our Skin Care Products!

3. I think Quinoa is my favourite kind of carb and on this post you can find 15 inspiration quinoa recipe. Just make sure you read them when you are not hungry -LOL-

4. If you are a coffee-holic just like me and you want to cut your daily caffeine intake, try this Energy-Boosting Coffee alternatives! You won't regret it.

5. Do you know the difference between a toner and an essence? After reading this post you'll know.




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