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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

5 things I'm saving for at the moment

Money money money.. Let’s be honest, the defenitely make you happy. I find it really hard not to spend them, especially on clothes, make up and beauty products ( they are my obsession and this is why I started this blog). Unlike every other girl, I don’t spend a fortune on shoes (at least I can save money hahah)

BTW, I decided that it is time to start saving for my future. Untill now I decided to use my money only for worthless things. My strategy at the moment is: if I want to by something, for exemple I’m really craving Dr. Martens boots, I don’t compulsively buy it but I everyday, I save 1 or 2 Euro until I reach the amount desired. Maybe it means that I have to wait months until I can afford something but I don’t care because I saved money, instead of buying 3 coffe a day, I’ll only have 2. You won’t feel such a loss.
What I’m saving for:

Dubai. I love travelling ( my last trips.. read my blog posts here, or here,). My dream is to make a living by travelling – I know that it may sound impossible but I won’t stop dreaming it -. If I had to chose between clothes and travels I would probably chose to travel. I usually plan to do one big trip a year and this time is Dubai. I love scrolling through Dubai pics on Instagram and I wish to lie on the side of a Dubai pool drinking on a Mojito or Margarita. –hahhah-

Dr. Martens. As I said before, I’m craving for a pair of Dr. Martens boots. When it comes to shoes, I always prefere to have less but good quality shoes.

Instruction. I’m currently studing at the University to became a professional translator one day (ITA-ENG ENG-ITA GER-ITA these are the languages I’m translating for). Right after I take my degree, I would like to take another degree at the Metropolitan University of London.
This is pretty much all. Stay tuned because I’m going to do another blog post on my stategy on how to save money.



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