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Tuesday, March 6, 2018


If you are european, you probably have felt the freezing cold that has been afflicting europe the past few days.. it snowed from the center to the south of italy where this event was rare if not almost impossible. In Rome, where I live, snow was like a mirage but burian cyclone, coming from Russia, made it possible.
It inspired me to write this beauty post because apart from the excitement of snow,  the cold temperatures left many dried skins, scratched lips and other collateral effects!

Coconut oil.
What really helped me a lot with lips was this holy grail. Every night, before going to sleep, i apply a generous amount of this amazing product and the day after my lips are fully recovered. Once a week instead i treat myself with a DIY lip scrub. I make it by mixing honey and sugar. You will be tempted to eat it, I swear!

This tip may sound stupid to the majority of you but hands are the part of our body where the signs of age are showing the most. You can put as many hand cream as you want but if you don’t protect them It won’t be the same. The beauty product that I use the most is theJurlique lavander hand cream. I apply it everytime I wash my hands. I love it.

Protecting mosturizing cream. 
This daily cream really helped mo to contrast the signs of cold on my face. You cannot use the same face cream all year long. You have to change products based on your needs and season of course.

Eye cream.
It is very important to apply eye cream twice a day - if you are not consistent with your skin care routine, at least do it once a day, before going to bed-. I use two kind of eye cream for this occasions. A lightweight hydrating cream because it fits perfectly with my make up and a very nutrient one for the night time to recover my skin the best during the night hours.
I felt that my skin, especially in the under eye area felt this unusual and drastic climate change the most.

Hydration in general.
I really felt my body asking for hydration, these particular days and I noticed I was thirsty than usual. I always drink 1 1/2 litres of water a day but I started to pair simple water with fruit infuses. Really helped me with digestion, kept me warm (lol) and made me pee a lot more.


BelowI'm going to list some products that I mentioned in this post and some others that are simply my favourites.


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