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Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Backpack Moschino
Shorts Bershka
Sweater Nike
Sunglasses Gucci

Every time I travel, a little piece of my heart stayes in that place even if I come back home. This time, a huge part of my heart, has been stucked in Fuerteventura. If you haven’t read my last post about buggy excursion in Fuerteventura clickhere.

If I have to describe this travel destination, I have only good and positive words to spend. It is a place where both your body and soul are happy, its amazing beaches, its solar people and its super delicious food are only few examples.

I have to say that you have to be a little bit prepared for this city because, since it’s very unique and particular, there are few things you have to say.

Beware of the wind. It is a very windy place, that is why it is considered the surf land. I can’t surf but next time I go there, and I promise It will be in this year for sure, I want to take surf lessons. My suggestion about it is to always have with you a hooded sweater and a pair of sunglasses  to “protect” yourself from it.

Stuff your luggage with solar protection. In Fuerteventura, you only need few hours to get tanned but since it is very windy you are not going to feel the sun “burning” on your skin That is why you always have to cover your body, especially if you have fair skin like mine.

Bring a lot of comfy clothes. Me and my boyfriend thought that only one sweater and tracksuit was ok but we made the biggest mistake ever. You’ll see it with your own eyes that people in Fuerteventura wear only confy clothes, and on their feet only sneackers or flip flops, that’s all. Shorts and sweater is the most worn outfit by the way. Also bring a lot of swimswits, you’re gonna need them.

Do yoga. If you are a yoga lover, it is good to know that in Fuerteventura you can take yoga classes practically everywhere. They love this discipline so much.

Last but not least..
Eat a lot of goat cheese, jamon iberico, quesadilla and drink a lot of sangria while watching the sunset. It will be the most satisfying and relaxing sensation ever.



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