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Tuesday, February 20, 2018


As you already read on this post, i spent my winter holidays in fuerteventura, one of the canary islands (together with las gran canaria, tenerife, lanzarote). Me and my boyfriend wanted to spend a week in a warmer place. This place is known to be surfers paradise and after this trip I saw with my own eyes why (it is amazing). Apart from surfing, if you don’t like it, there are tons of amazing and super funny activities to do, one of them is BUGGY EXCURSIONS.
Disclaimer- the only equipment you’ll need is a pair of sunglasses and scarf to protect your eyes, mouth and neck from wind, sun and sand.

Also I suggest you very comfortable clothes because you are going to be very dirt at the end - LOL
8.30 we met with the group at a meeting point in the city centre of corralejo (the city we stayed in the north of fuerteventura).
9.30 after we signed and we were trained to use the buggy -super easy- we were all ready to start.The instructor was the first of the line. He let us drive on amazing roads, from city roads to off-roads and country roads.
10.00 our first stop on the dunes of corralejo. It is very hard to describe this unbelievable landscape. You find yourself walking on sand dunes right in front of the ocean.. can you even imagine?
10.20 On our buggy again. It was very funny because we started to go off-road.. driving on sand and rocks was so exciting
11.30 we made a little stop in a bar in a beautiful small town just to go to the bathroom and get some more energy.
11.45 off. Road again, now we are very hight, right on the mountains of corralejo where you cam admire the entire landscape.
12.30 we stopped at an aloe vera factory. Fuerte Ventura, because of its landscape is known for its vast plantations of aloe vera. A man let us discover the amazing properties of this miraculous planet and showed us the various ways to use it. I bought a big bottle of pure aloe vera gel ( I’m going to write a post on how I use it).
1.00 pm We started driving back to the city center of corralejo.

I really suggest you to make this experience, if you want to visit Corralejo, because through this excursion you can see and enjoy the landscape even more. Before this buggy excursion I couldn’t believe that Fuerteventura was made up of all this high mountains for example.

 I will never forget the joy and excitement that we felt during this 4 hours on our buggy.


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