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Saturday, January 20, 2018


But still having results

I really love to go to gym but at the moment I have to stop my membership because I have so much to do in this exact period. Between Work and University (this particular month of the year, together with February is exams period),I really cannot go to gym. That’s why instead of wasting money for a year membership and never go to the gym, i tried to find a solution to workout without leaving the house and fitting in my days without letting me to procrastinate.

Well, I found the solution that better fits my super busy life.
Only 3 letters, #BBG that stands for Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines.

What Is It?

It is a 28 minute full body workout guide, you don’t need gym machine but only your body weight (or at least a kettle ball). It takes 12 weeks to complete the guide. You are going to workout 3 time a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday.. during the days in the middle you just have to go for a 30 mins walk (really helped me with weight loss) and that is it..
By the way you don’t have to think that it’s going to be easy, the 28 minutes are super intense and you have to practice!

Where to get the BBG

You can buy the body guide on Kayla site. She also as got the nutrition guide just to help you even during the meals because obviously working out without sticking to a good diet won’t bring you anywhere.

Also she has got a blog where she shares very useful posts that can help you even more during your journey to a beautiful bikini body!!

After completing the .. weeks, you are going to feel stronger and leaner.
I also like to follow Kayla on he IG where she shares before&after pictures of people who are following her BBG and they are amazing. Obviously you have to train hard to see results because without your efforts you will not see any results.

Additionally to this amazing guide what helped me to stay fit is drinking a lot of water and a lot of infuses (I love fruity ones) that helped me detoxing..

This is an example of her typical workout, you have to repeat it twice ( 28 min in total)

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