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Monday, January 8, 2018


Sometimes, It’s fair to buy some gifts to ourselves. I think that buying that item or that bag that we craved for the entire year is a great way to reward ourselves especially after we have been through a bad period or just because we have been through a hard working year.
So don’t you think it’s fair to buy something and spend that money for us after we have been spending so much money for parents, boyfriend or friends this past Christmas?
 One of the item I bought for myself this Christmas is the Joe Malone‘s Cologne. My absolutely favorite one is the Mimosa&Cardamom.
It is Delicate but at the same time very persistent on the skin and it won’t let you go even for a second. It will accompany you throughout the entire day and this is what I love the most about it.
I decided to buy the mini version of it - 30 ML- because I love to change my perfume constantly So that as soon as this fragrance it’s going to come to an end I am going to try another Jo malone's Cologne. I’m the one who gets bored of a fragrance after some times I use it even if It is my favorite one and I personally think it’s right to change fragrances often so that we can appreciate our beloved one even more.

Today I am going to give you five reasons why you must buy a Jo Malone's fragrance:

  • First of all their packaging are amazing the small version of the Cologne is perfect to be carried in our clutch or in our bag even if I think that their fragrances are so persistent that you don't need to spritz it on even more throughout the day.

  • Then I said before their persistent fragrances is the strong point of this Cologne. I proved that it is more persistent than some of the perfumes on the market. The one that I love the most is, as I said before is Mimose&Cardamom that suits every skin type. I chose this fragrance because I think that a cologne should be delicate on the skin and they don’t have to appear too invasive and this fragrance respects all of these points. For night events I think it is better to use eau the parfumes and -Jo Malone has thought about it and created more intense cologne -The Cologne Intense Collection-  and you can recognize them by the black packaging. My favorite Cologne of this collection is Velvet rose&Oud and Dark amber&Ginger Lilly

  • Another reason to choose this brand is that offers you very cute Christmas festive sets: you can choose from sets of mini fragrances, so that you can try them all, or sets made up of candle, body cream, body wash and cologne of your favorite fragrance.

  • i’m going to choose this brand because the prices compared to its high-quality products are not expensive at all

  • I’m going to choose them again because  these fragrances are unforgettable and unique and once you try them you can never get rid of them. I also found that they body creams are persistent  almost like the Cologne so why not to try them?

  •  If I convinced you and you want to try this brand I leave you some products down below that  link you to the shopping site.


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