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Monday, January 15, 2018


As you have probably read in one of my latest poste 2018 resolutions I set a few goals to reach in this new year. You know how much I love beauty ( and this is why I started my blog, to share with you my passion ) that is why I also set beauty resolutions for this year.

Take make up off. Number one resolution is, I think, the most common beauty resolution that you have probably read in every beauty Post around the web. I really commit myself to taking my makeup off every day of 2018. It may sound a joke but it really is the first beauty resolution of my list. I would like to ask every girl on the planet if they put their make up off every day. You know when we come back home after a fun night with friends and all you want to do is to go to sleep? Yes, this is the kind of night we skip our nighttime routine. Doing some research on the web I found out that every night we go to sleep with make up on our skin ages seven day. Since I don’t want my skin to age faster I decided that this year I would like to try the Korean skincare routine. I really love the passion Korean girls put into their skin care. They really love to take care of their skin. And this is what I'm going to do.

Scrub + Mask. I would like to scrub plus mask my face every once a week. I started this routine during the last months of 2017 and I found out that this really helped my skin. I would like you to try this combo because it is very effective. When it comes to this day of the week, I like to use lush products because they’re handmade and they use all organic products.
I use the scrub ocean salt that really helps to remove from my skin dead cells and all the dirty stuff we accumulate during the day.
Then I pass onto my mascherita piperita, a clay mask that purifies my skin and adds a touch of freshness thanks to another ingredient contained in it.. mint.

Drink more. I would like to drink more because I know it is very good not only for our body but also for our hair and our skin. I tried to drink 2 L of water for one month and in this very short amount of time i saw a big difference (also my dark circles have visibly decreased)
So. If we want to help our skin. We have to do it both from the outside and the inside.

Serum. In italy, where do I live, we don’t have serum tradition in our skin care routine. But One of my resolution is to introduce serum into my beauty routine right before moisturizer. I read serums to bring so many good effects on skin. I would like to alternate moisturizing and anti aging serums because it is never too early to start preventing.

What are your 2018 beauty resolutions?

Below you cand find some of my favourite beauty products!!


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