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Monday, December 18, 2017


I really adore shopping especially when I shop for make up but when I have to shop for something man related the situation becomes more complicated. If we are near my boyfriend's birthday or just like in this case, near christmas time It becomes a complete mess. Men don't have so many demands as women have. We need so many things and also we live following the criteria: the more, the best. We don't care If we have hundreds of red lip sticks, the more is the best.

Unfortunately - or maybe fortunately -, this rule is not applicable for men. That is why I wanted to write down for you a Christmas Gift Guide Boyfriend Edition because I know that the most of us is in trouble right now.

I listed some products that we can gift to our boyfriends or dads or male friends for this Xmas. I well know that this post will be very helpfull because as I said before, We all have the same problem during this time of the year ( an also because in general, I think these posts are fantastic).

I tried to offer you different category products, from beauty to tech category for example. I think that tech is the more selected category because, you know, men could live without appling face or body lotions but at the same time they cannot live without a brand new smart watch or the last generation apple earphones.

At this point, the choice is all yours.

To shop the items You only have to click on the images!

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