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Monday, November 27, 2017

birthday wishlist

Hello my loves,
While everyone is excited about Christmas and its related gifts, I am even more excited about my incoming birthday. I cannot wait that day to come. In in the meantime I am writing down a couple of wish lists. I pretty much know that this birthday wishlist is going to be very long that’s why I decided to divide this blog post into categories. Actually there is no specific thing I would like to receive the most. I don’t know why, I spend the rest of the year wishing very much for something in particular and then when it comes my birthday I don't know what to answer to my parents when they ask me if I wish something in particular birthday.
But let's start...

Birthday wishlist

I think beauty is made up at home. It is very importat to take care of your self. At least once a week, I try to take some time ( especially before going to bed ), to have a spa day at home. I usually take a hot bubble bath ( I also love to use Lush bath bombs, I adore them) while a put a face mask on and watch a tv show on my Ipad or read a book.

I really love Herbivore brand. Julia and Alex, co-founders and husband and wife use only natural ingredients and put in their products all their love and passion for their work. That is why on my birthday wish list in the beauty category are:

- Coconut Oil Body Polish

- Rose Hydrating Face Mask 

- Pink Clay Mask


In the make up category:

I'm usually the one who uses always the same make up products for eyes and face and I love to play more with lipsticks.

My favourite lip item is the Chanel Rouge Allure Ink Matte Liquid Lip Colour ( you can find it below in the widget ). They are not sticky at all but very moisturizing at the same time. I have got it in red, burgundy and now I would like to try their new 140 Amoreaux pinky/nude colour.

While on the eyes I love to use very nude and natural colours, that's why this MAC Neutral Times Palette is the perfect one for me!!

Perfumes, well I think I have got an addiction for them. I own tons of them and my last puchased was Diptyque Eau de Sens . I also love the candles diptyque makes that are also on my wish list together with Jo Malone's candles ad perfumes.

-Jo Malone's Red roses Cologne is my top fragrance on my wish list

- Narciso by Narciso Rodriguez is the next one

Candles list:

- Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir

- Diptyque Figuier
- Diptyque Gardenia


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