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Monday, November 20, 2017


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♥ I can considerate my self a real shopaholic. If I find a dress or a pair of shoes that I like, It is almost impossible for me to resist. Because of it many month I cannot save so much of my salary. Here is a blog post with useful tips to save your money. It really helped me a lot!! CLICK HERE.

♥Do you know how much is important to drink as the first activity in the morning? In this way you can effectively hydrate your body and eliminate all the toxins accumulated during night time. But the question is: WHAT TO DRINK? You can have the answer reading this blog post!! CLICK HERE

♥You probably think it is easy to wash your face or remove make up before bed time, but it really isn't. Here you can find some tips on how to to clense your face like a pro. CLICK HERE

♥Bobby pins and bushes are daily tools in our beauty routine. Probabily you didn't know these amazing tips made using these two items. CLICK HERE

♥Let's start countig micro nutrients to lose weight! CLICK HERE


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