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Sunday, October 29, 2017


Hi my loves. I'm so excited because on sunday I'm going to spend 4 days in budaperst!
I cannot wait because I really want to spend some relaxing days with my friends after a long period of non stop working.

We decided this destination because Budapest is well known for its thermal baths and this is what I really need at the moment.

So one important item I have to pack is a bathing sute.

Unfortunately I the airline company allows me to bring only a carry on baggage so I have to pack all my staff into a bag too small for all my stuff. That's why in this post I want to share with you my packing tips!!


Ok it probabily seems a predictable tip but I think it isn't. We all tend to bring with us things - clothes, shoes and make up- that we think are needed during the vacation but at the end of it we realize that we have used only half of the things we packed. 
I am the one who brings so many make up items and that is why this time I'm only bringing staple items such as:

 Concealer- It is probabily the one item I cannot live without since my sensitive skin tend to have discolorations.

♥ Kiehl's BB cream. It is not an usual BB crem but is one cream that does many functions: Daily Moisturizer, SPF protection, Coloured cream. That means 1 product instead of 3.

♥ Mascara. My favourite one from MAC

♥ Eye liner.. Since I have got light skin, I use a brown eye liner because I think back one lets me paler. The same I use one from MAC ( I think  the majority of my salary goes to this company ahhaha)

Powder Blush.. another item from MAC -lol- 

♥ Red lip tint from Chanel. It is long lasting so I don't need to have it with me while I'm visiting the city. I put in in the mornig and it going to last untill evening.

This is the necessary thing that I must have in my make up bag. If I have got more space I would probabily bring my luminizer and a palet with my staple eye shadows. I usually wear basic colours such as brown, vanilla and black.

I usually pack jumpsuits or dresses that allow me to bring one piece instead of two (shirt+trousers or skirt). Also, I pack clothes that can be worn in multiple uses, during day time but also for the nights out. You only need to change accessories and I promise you that your finish look won't be the same!! 
I roll them into the luggage so they take less space.

I don't usually bring with me hair dryer because many hotels have got it. I cannot live without perfume and I always bring with me travel size bottles. 
Hair brush, I always bring with me the tangle teezer because It is very small.

I always bring with me only two pair of shoes: sneakers for the day time and high heels boots for the evenings.


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