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Wednesday, September 20, 2017


I decided to create a new section on my blog: Best On The Web. Yes, you heard it right. I absolutely adore to find very fancy beauty -and not only- tips on the web and I thought " Why don't I share them with my followers and readers?

Let's start

- I'm completely addicted to matcha latte, I love o drink it in cafes with friend but I also love to prepare it for my self at home just to chill in front of the TV. Here is, for me, the best recipe I found on the net. -CLICK HERE-

- Some time ago, I bought from Lush, a sleeping lotion. A lavander based lotion that thanks to its relaxing properties helps you to fall asleep like a kid. I found this reciepe in this incredible post, that allows you to prepare it at home. It is super easy. I think we all should have a bottle of this in hour bathrooms.
My tip: if you apply it in the evening, right after a very relaxing and super hot bath the lotion effects will be higher than expected. CLICK HERE

- I don't know a person who doesn't love instagram. On this blog post they share few tips to upgrade and let our instagram grow CLICK HERE

- We all know how important is to cleanse our skin. Find a good cleanser is not as easy as it seems. This blog is one of my favourite and this amazing gal shares her top clenser CLICK HERE

-Also last but not least Autumn Investment Buys.. CLICK HERE


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