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Wednesday, August 23, 2017


It was a long time since I last did a photo diary post. These days I was missing my beloved city: London. It is always a pleasure for me to walk around those streets, breath the London air, take its red busses or the underground, sip a good Costa cappuccino while sitting in Hyde Park. I'm jealous of all the people that daily live and experience this city.

By the way, I recently went to London with my boyfriend in May. We stayed three days and wanted to discover new places where we haven't been before.
I can't explain you how much we love doing Happy Hours and that's why we went to Vertigo42. It is placed in The City and it is on top of the Tower42.

It is a Champagne Bar where you can have a drink, or as many as you like - LOL - while you stare at the amazing view that this place offers.

You arrive in the Tower42, you register yourself at the reception desk - you have to show your reservation - and than you are carried to the elevator that brings you straight to the 42nd floor where it is placed.
I can't tell you how excited I was to be there, the happines in my eyes while I was staring at this amazing view.

Being a Champagne bar, every - alcoholic - drink has Champagne in it. Also they have got very
delicious and sophisticated dishes to match your drinks with. I personally ordered a glass of french Champagne together with a plate of goat cheese bites covered with almonds and honey. It was delicious. You can actually find the menu on their web site if you want to have a look. 

You can reach it by underground and get off at Liverpool Street Station then few minutes walking and you are arrived at your destination.

Obviously, It is an exclusive Champagne bar so you have to book a table - mandatory -. I booked mine two months earlier on their web site and it worth it because I was able to choose where I wanted to be seated with the view that I liked the most.

 if you are from London or visit London you have to visit this place. I think the best time to go there is when its dark outside because London with all its lights turned on becomes more special than it usually is!
If you are a tourist take one hour of your time just to relax in this place before continuing with your city tour.
If you are a Londoner, there is nothing better than have an happy hour right after work with your friend or collegues!

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