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Friday, August 4, 2017


Hello people, July has flown by and we found ourselves in August in a bit. Today I want to do a little recap on what has happened on #LTB -Little Taste of Beauty in case you are wondering -.


Sumer to do List was the first post I wrote on July. I talked abou what I was going to do such as buying new stuff for my trip to Sorrento and Capri. Blog post about it soon.

Gucci Top Picks. You all know how much I adore Gucci brand, that's why in this post I showed you my top picks that are on my whishlist. Obviously I annot afford every item on it but I'm working for it.

Holiday packing tips: Packing for holiday is , in my opinion, a skill that very few have. In few lines I showed you how I pack my enormously amount of things. I think it is very useful.

My blogging tech equipe : this was the most read post of the month. My blogger analytics show me that you love when I talk about blogging tips. - new blogging tips post is coming soon-.
I have to say that I don't use sophisticated tools to blog but if you are interested about it check this post.

Nordstrom top picks : What activity women love the most? Shopping. When do they love doing it the most? The answer is during sales. Nordstom was doing amazing sales on its site and I wanted to show you the items that I loved the most.

Avenée Eau Thermal dupe : I love doing product's dupe posts and this month I started from an amazing and useful item that we all should use - Avenée Eau Thermal -. My dupe was by a brand I love - Lush - but I'm not going to give you any preview. Click here to know which is it.

This was the recap. Stay tuned for August posts,

Miki x


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