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Thursday, August 31, 2017

HOW to reduce undereyes circles

As you all probabily know, undereyes circles is the most common "beauty" problem among girls. There are people who suffer patologically from it or others that have this problem caused only from a lack of sleep or from a stressful and intense working week.

I start by saying that our skin in the undereye area is very thin layerd so is prone to become darker easily and is very sensitive. This is one of the many reasons why we have to take care about it the most and we have to use good quality products specific for this area.

A very good undereyes cream is our first allied. I personally prefer this gel from The Body Shop during my morning routine because the gelly sensation together with the rolling motion  amplifies the  cream action and at the same time it depuffs you eyes thanks to its massaging action. Obviously on the market there is a good range of quality creams in the market and I think the most valid brands are Kiehl's and Origins that in my opinion are the best.

-Below my favourite-

Lately, I have been using an undereyes gel mask. I use it in the morning especially when I am not in a hurry -that means maybe once a month lol- or before bed time.
How you can use it:
I put it in the freezer for 15-20 minutes. After that I warm it in my hands because if it is too cold it can damage your skin and we are going to have the opposit effect. Then I have it on until I feel that the cold effect is vanishing.
At the end, I apply my under eye cream. I confess that in the morning I like to apply under eyes gel, because I find it that a light effect is better otherwise while at night time I prefere a more intense and more hydrand one.

DIY remedies are also very effective. Camomille mask is the best in my opinion. It is very simple to prepare:
Boil water and then let the camomille infuse in it for few minutes and as soon as it becomes lukewarm you can dunk two cotton pads, place them on your eyes and leave it there for 10 minutes and the game is done. The application is similar to the gel mask.
You can even use it in combination. You can use gel mask first just to prepare the skin and than you can pass to the camomille mask and always at the end never forget a good eye cream. At the end of this treatment you are going to feel complitely different, your skin will be relieved and a lot more young.

Last but not least, the most efficient method ever: Beauty Sleep. There is nothing better than a good 8 hours (at least) sleep. I know that it is difficult to sleep so many hours but it is very important for your body and in general to live better!


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