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Wednesday, July 19, 2017


I'm quite new in the blogging world but I'm tring to take it seriously. I really love doing it so it is something that I do gladly.
Today, in this post of mine, I would like to show you my equipe. All you really need is a camera, a laptop and an internet connection. 

To take pictures: Finding the right camera is a tough decision. I use my Sony Ilce or my Nikon D3000. They are both very good but I prefere the Sony one because is lighter than the other and is more compact and since it takes video I love it more. Especially when I am on a vacation I prefere to use it because I can bring it in my bag and I don't need a special one to carry it. I also can take vlogs when I'm around.
I usually take photos also with my IPhone6 and when the lightning is good you don't feel so much difference. I love also to use my boyfriend's phone to take pictures - Samsung Galaxy S8 -  because even though I'm not a Samsung fan, It takes amazing photos.
I went to Sorrento and Capri few days ago and I cannot wait to show you some photos taken with that phone.

Editing: I don't have a laptop but I really wish to buy a MacBookPro it because I like to move around while I work. To edit my pictures I use Fotor and I really love it!!

This is pretty much all.

Photo by Igor Son on Unsplash

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