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Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Between the many passions I've got, there are perfumed candles. Obviously I adore the one and only by Yankee Candle.
I really love when my bedroom smells of Fluffy Towels, Pink Sands or Vanilla Cupcake. I prefer tarts rather than regular candles because they have got more parfume concentration and leave your room smeel longer and longer.

It has been a while since I decided to buy an electric burner that is, in my opinion, more handy than the usual one.
Lately, our beloved company, decided to put on market the new Wax Melts. They are tarts that are compatible only with electric burners.
You just need to insert the Wax Melt inside the burner together with the package (that is the thing I love the most about it), turn on the burner and you're ready to smell the amazing fragrances that Yankee Candles offers us.

I decided to buy many different Wax Melts because I wasn't ready to choose only one fragrance - I know I'm a shopaholic haha-. 

The fragrance that I'm loving the most right now is the Argan Oil. I love to burn it especially when I decide to take a hot bath because It makes me feel like I'm in a SPA. It is very relaxing, I recommend you to try it!

There is also another fragrance that is a classic for me, Fluffy Towels. It smells like fresh laundy, it is a very delicate fragrance perfect to burn it in your bedroom or bathroom. Ther is another one that is very similar that is Soft Blankets. Only the name leaves you at your own imagination.

Aloe water is another fragrance that I'm loving at the moment. It is perfect for summer days. I don't like strong fragrances beacuse after few minutes disturb me. This one is so delicate but persistent that I could burn it all day long.

I don't know why I'm so obsessed with this candles but I can say that they are amzing, have so many different and particular fragrances that never annoy you.

What is your favourite fragrance?





  1. Ooooo fluffy towels sounds gorg! I love a wax burner - esp electric ones, i feel so much more safer burning them! x

    Olivia / Olivia Roses



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