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Wednesday, February 8, 2017


As you probabily know from my Instagram pictures and my various blog posts that I live in Rome (I think I post pictures of my city on Instagram at least once a week, I know, I m boring).
Yesterday, I was wandering with a friend of mine in the eternal city. We visited the Altare della Patria that is one of the main places that you need to visit while in Rome. Me and my friend have a thing for cheesecakes, we are obsessed, even too much.
We went to a cafe called BAKERY HOUSE, my favourite place in Rome where to sip on some hot beverages and eat cheesecakes.
I went for a NY original cheesecakes while she decided to take the Red Velvet one. Both accompanied by two big glasses of fresh Pink Lemonade. I m craving one of this while I m writing. They are masters for cakes. I usually happen to take only cheesecakes because I cannot resist but I tried their carrot cake once and it is F A B O U L O U S. They also make super delicious cup cakes if you want to opt for something small, because I swear their slices are not so small. I also took a soy milk cappuccino and it was amazing. My friend decided to try one of their amazing smoothies and they were perfect.
If all of the above do not please your sweet tooth, they even make delicious sandwitches, bagels, salads, hummus and so on.

The place is very comfortable, the design is minimal but typical at the same time. The stuff is very kind. It is the perfect place I would like to spend breakfast or a cold winter rainy day in (I m lying, I would spend every other day in it).

In conclusion, If you decide to spend some days in Rome I deeply recommend you to go to Bakery House and you won-t be disappointed at all.

Miki xx


  1. this looks AMAZING! now I am craving cake haha

    xx Lisa

    1. I'm craving cake everytime I read this post as well hahah

  2. Mmm this looks absolutely delicious!


  3. Omg look how amazing those cakes are!

    Cass | CassandraMyee

  4. Yummy this cake looking very beautiful and i hope it is more tasty but the looks of cake is awesome there have no compromise in the look of cake



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