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Thursday, October 6, 2016


Few weeks ago I went to Milan, my favorite city after Rome in Italy. The two are very different. Rome full of monuments and history, the other, is the city of fashion and technology.
I stayed there two days and I have to admit that are enough to visit the main "attractions" the city offers. In this post I would like to write the main, staple things to do if you decide to visit this beautiful city:

Milan Dome: Obviously, the first thing you need to do while in Milan is visiting the famous Milan Dome. Right in the centre of the city is always very crowded with people fascinated by it. There is this usual thing to take picture with pidgeons that I really don't like, I cannot understand the beauty of it, but if you like to have this kind of picture of you try it LOL. You can also buy a ticket to visit the Dome and the most beautiful thing to do is to go at the edge of it admiring Milan from above.

Via Monte Napoleone: this is a well known street in the heart of Milan. Every people who come in this city has walked in this street once. Its characteristic is that is made up of very famous luxury shops like Cartier, Giorgio Armani, Prada, Burberry etc. Once a year, for my birthday, I adore to treat me with a self made gift from a shop situated in Via Monte Napoleone. Last year, I treated myself with this LV bag. I'm in love with this brad. It has something that keeps me away from any other brand.

Terrazza Aperol: In italy it's like an habit to have an "aperitivo" (aperitif) in the afternoon. It is a moment to spend with friends sipping on a very tasty Aperol Spritz. I adore, for example, to catch up with friends in front of an aperitif than having a dinner together. The most particular thing About the Terrazza Aperol (Aperol terrace) is that is a beautiful location in the center of Milan where you can sip your drink with an amazing Milan  Dome view. They have a lot of Aperol cocktail variation and It took me so much time to decide because I was sooo hesitant.

Eat in Il Mercato: while I was there I decided I wanted to have something Milanese to eat. Its most traditional and famous plate is the "Cotoletta alla Milanese", a well known meat dish that is very well adored by kids!! I found this amazing place called IL MERCATO that makes it perfectly. This place is made up of three levels and you can find every kind of italian meals you want. The only thing that I didn't like is the fact that you need to pay 50 cents to go to the toilet *WHY?* thumbs down.

I Navigli: after dinner, the thing I loved the most doing is having a walk through the Navigli. They were a system of navigable and interconnected canals around Milan. Today, the canals are mostly used for irrigation. The only two who operate a tourist navigation system connected to the Darsena are the Naviglio Grande and the Naviglio Pavese, also becoming a nightlife pole. This area is full of beautiful pubs. You can go in one of them and sip a drink or whatever you like, admiring the beautiful view.



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  2. I went to Milan last winter and, even though it wasn't my favourite city in Italy (Rome and Florence will always be my favourites), it was a great place to visit and the duomo was stunning!

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

    1. Florence is one of my favourite cities as well. Try to go to Milan during summer time, I swear it seems like another city :)

  3. milan just has such a luxury vibe. i have never been there but i surely want to go one day.


    1. you defenitely need to do it, you won't regret it :)

  4. great post


  5. My grandfather (nonno) was from Milan. I had the opportunity to visit a few years ago and found so many lovely places to visit. If I ever get to go back I will definitely try to get to the places you mentioned :)


  6. ah i so want to go to rome x


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  8. Milan is somewhere I've always wanted to visit so I really enjoyed reading this! The photos are gorgeous too x

    Always, Alice

  9. Interesting post !




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