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Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Here I am, after a long period of break from this little corner of mine I decided it is the right time to go back to the start. I would like this little blog to be different from what it was before. I’m not talking about  design or layout. I would like to have a different approach with my readers. It’s always me with the same passion for beauty but I would like to make an effort to show you  my passion, that I previously didn’t . Even if I know that I won’t be so consistent in writing posts due to my work and my stressed life, I will try to make contents more interesting so that you won’t feel my lack of posts. Less but worth.

If you didn’t know my passion about make up, well with this post you may know. Obviously if we talk make up we must talk about MAC. This time, during a little trip in Naples, I stumbled across MAC. For sure there is a mac store in the city where I live, Rome, but I used the justification of buying a souvenir, even if it wasn’t.

What I needed was a paint-pot and a red lip tint. I cannot live without paint-pots and lip tints. Especially when I’m at work, I use them for their long lasting effect. I don’t have so much time to retouch my make up at work and if I wear these on my lips and eyes will be perfect for all the duration of duty. Of course on my lips the most worn colour is red. I usually go for this colour because it is perfect for every occasion, work, night out, day out. You can’t go wrong with red. RED OR NOTHING. I sometimes go for nude but I didn’t find the perfect nude for my skin tone yet. This time I wanted to try this new colour that I’m honest: I didn’t believe it was the kind of red would look great on me but as soon as I tried it on I changed my mind. Never judge a book from its cover. It doesn’t feel sticky on your lips. Let it set and you will forget that you have lip tint on. I’m going to try this lip tint in nude by the way. I will let you know if i like it or not.

Talking about eyes, well. If I don’t have a good occasion, I usually go for a very nude make up on my lips. Vanilla colour on lid and brown in the crease. Sometimes an illuminator in my inner corner and that’s it. I love paint pots because they can be used with a double effect. As a base before applying eyeshadow or as an eyeshadow. I usually use the nude colour as an eyeshadow because I love the finish itself. But when I want my eye make up to last longer I use it as a base and I swear you won’t get rid of it so easily. This paint pot plus illuminator do their job perfectly. If you want to wear it during the day I recommend to go nude on the lips while at night you can exaggerate with a beautiful red or burgundy. 



  1. Both of these products look and sound so pretty! <3 Lovely post!

    Amelia | Amelia Grace

  2. I like buying makeup as a "souvenir" when I'm on holidays too! I think the Mac paint pots are especially good to use whilst on holidays too.


  3. Og I've had my eye on the new Retro Matte liquid formula since it came out - sounds great!




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