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Sunday, September 20, 2015

yankee candle dupe

 You all know my passion for candles. I love burning them at the evening while watching a movie, while reading or before going to bed. Just a little candle can make a huge difference in your home atmosphere. I always prefere yankee candles because they can make my house smell like any other candle does. I'm a huge fan of yankee candles tarts because I think they smell more than the regular candles. The shop assistant explained that the tarts have a more concentration of parfume instead of the regular jars.

Some days ago, my australian aunties came to visit and brought me some gifts. This candle-icious candle that you see in the pictures is one of them. This candle is by ENDOTA, an australian- 100% biological brand.This little baby smells amazing. It is flavoured with hints of ylang ylang, lavander, orange, geranium, patchouli and bergamot. It has a heavenly smell that you really need to try because you can't smell a fragrange like that from any other candle.

It lasts 30 hours and its last and fragrance is comparable to the yankee candle one so it can be a perfect alternative if you would like to try something new!

This ENDOTA product comes from a range of products used in ENDOTA spas.So they are professional products used by competent people. If you'd like to try some products check they web site here.
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