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Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Sunday post || A day in the snow

During the winter season I really love spending time skiing. Unfortunately, here in Rome, where I live, it is really difficult to see snow. So, me and my friends decided to do a little trip to Ovindoly, a little city that is 1 and a half hour far from Rome. We have been very luky because the weather was perfect: It wasn't cold at all - I was really happy about it because I really suffer from really cold temperatures- it was sunny and there were no clouds. When I was a kid, every year with my family we used to stay 1 or 2 weeks in Trentino and I was very good at skiing. Now I'm not able anymore to ski the way I used to some years ago but I'm still pretty good. 

My Nikon was not with me in that day because we decided to bring only items that were really necessay so I took this pictures with my iphon 6 but I have to admit that the result in really good. The thing that I like to do the most in these mountain places it the sipping hot beverages in mountain huts. It is so magical hahaha. On tuesday we decided to go back there again and I hope the weather will be as good as it was on Friday. 

Since this is a Sunday post I wish you the best start in the week!
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