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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

mY 5 MINUtes morning make up routine

I really love make up. I'm actually addicted to it, except when I'm at home, I can't leave it without wearing any make up. I don't usually use a lot of products, my staples just to look  acceptable - which I'm not at mornings-. I found a really fast way to put it on at mornings so that I can spend more time on my favourite thing I like to do which is eating breakfast. If I skip this important step my approach to the day is different, I feel exausted, tired, unsatisfied etc.

But this post is not about my breakfast routine, it is about my 5 minutes morning make up routine. I only use 4 (sometimes 5) products: foundation or concealer + eye liner + mascara + lipstick or lipbalm.

Maybelline dream matte mousse- this is my favourite foundation ever, It is super light, easy to apply and It perfectly matches my skin colour. I use it in the colour 21 Nude Beige. I apply it on my under eyes circles instead of a regular concealer because i find it lighter and love its finish. Then I apply it on my redness and that is all. I don't usually wear it all over my skin because I just want it to breathe and I found that in this way my skin looks better. I also found the maybelline dream matte mousse blush that I'm in love with but I will talk about it later.

Benefit They're real push-up liner- It is my favourite at the moment even If I expected better things from it. It costs 25 Euro which is pricy for an eye liner but I wanted to try it and now I have it in my hands so I can say few words in its favour. Its finish is a combination between a liquid liner and an eye pencil. So if you're tring to find something super dark this is not what are you looking for. I usually use it during the day for a "natural" effect while at evening I use my favourite one from Essence.

Yves Saint Laurent red lipstick - No much to say about it, just few words: long lasting, its colour is super intense, matte but the only "bad" thing I can say is that It is small so it has less product than my regular lip sticks but it is ok. I can't tell you what is the price since it was a gift. Love it.

Kiko Cream Eye Shadow - when I'm in a rush I don't usually apply it but when I've got more time - 1 minute is enough- I apply it as a lighter in the inner corner of the eye and under my eye brow, just for a fresh and lighter effect.

My morning make up is nothing sophisticated but I love it because I prefer being more natural than having a thick coverage!

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  1. Definitely want to try out the mascara!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


  2. Let me know what do you think about it :)

  3. I used to live in dream matte mousse! :)

    New post up at

  4. A five-minute routine... I always wonder if that actually means FIVE minutes or just a quick routine. I could never do my make-up in five minutes. Damn those natural beauties, lol :-) As for your make-up picks, I used to be such a huge fan of the Dream Matte Mousse foundation!

  5. it really means 5 minutes, the secret is that every single application is super easy: foundation with my fingers (as a cream) mascara + liner :)

  6. it really is but I will try something else this time :)

  7. This is such a great post, and that lipstick is such a stunning colour too! Love it! x


  8. Have you tried Supercat liner by Soap and Glory? :)

  9. No, In Italy (where I live) is not easy to find soap and glory products :(



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