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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

5 best posts on LTB this year || 2014

2014 is coming to an end -I don't know if it is a good thing or not for me-. It has been a quite productive year filled with good thing and bad things. It has been made up of beautiful trips such as: Gallipoli, Novara and Amsterdam. The good thing about this year is that I had been sorrounded with people I love and I hope it will be the same in 2015.

Here, I want you to take a look to all my favourite posts I have written this year. The picture above shows my favourite post at all: Five places to visit in Rome
As the title says I talked about places to visit and things you should do in Rome. I think this post is interesting. I have to say that I wrote this post because I like to read this kind of posts in others blogs.

Green tea is my loved tea. It has a particular flavour that is not appreciated by everyone but It has caught my attention. Also If you drink it you can take benefits from it and this is the part I love the most. So if you would like to know what benefit this tea has you just need to read this post: Why you should start drinking green tea .

Lush solid shampoo review : Another topic that I like to read and write about are the products reviws. When I have loved a specific product I like to share my thoughts with other girls and read their opinion as well. I had been very actracted by this product. This is a solid shampoo bly lush. It is so useful when you travel because its small size and its infinite amount of product in it. Also Its smell is so pleasant and long lasting on your hair.

I can't explain with words how I love going on holidays with my friends. It is also beautiful to remember these days through pictures. I decided that I need to write more about my life in this little blog of mine because in some ways it can be a diary of my life. If you want to look at the photos of my Gallipoli trip click this link: My holiday photo diary .

I don't usually do OOTD posts but I loved this one in particular. I used this for a marriage occasion. It is elegant but adding on a jacket like this it can be worn every day. this is the link: Long dresses and high heels .

I hope this 2015 could be more beautiful as 2014 and I wish you all a happy new year :)

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  1. i love your blog!!!


  2. thank you yasmin :)

    Happy new year <3

  3. You did some fab posts this year! The green tea one was interesting x


  4. Thank you Josie, you're one of my favourite readers :)



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