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Sunday, November 9, 2014

5 ways to make porridge



I don't know you but I really love eating porridge in the morning. It really gives me the energy to go on through the day and the most important thing is that keeps me full untill lunch time so I don't crave any junk snack during the morning.

The only problem is that I like to variate my meals and sometimes I get bored of the same breakfast every morning. Yesterday I was watching some videos on you tube - as I Always do since I'm very addicted to you tube - and I stumbled across the Jamie Oliver How to make porridge in 5 different ways video. I have to admit that it really changed my breakfast.

The porridge recipe that I like the most is the chocolate one. It is really simple to make, you just have to add a bit of chocolate and you are done.
I don't know you but this video really made hungry and also made me think that it is so fun and easy to eat in a healthy way.

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  1. Is it bad that i really really want some porridge right now?

  2. omg the porridge in the photo looks so yummy! Breakfast is definitely my fave meal. I'm obsessed with granola! x


  3. Breakfast is my favourite meal too. :)

  4. No, It is normal.. ahhaha I want it too :)

  5. yum! looks delish!
    cant wait to try this for myself :)


  6. If you try it, let me know what is your favourite one :)



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