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Friday, October 24, 2014

That's why I shouldn't have entered in H&M

It always happens to me that when I go out with a friend I always swear to my self that I'm not going to spend my money unless It is for food. You know what? It never happens.
As expected, the other day I hanged out with a really close friend of mine and it happened that we enterd into an H&M store (since it is my favourite shop, it is hard to resist especially during the beginning of a new season).

My stile is really simple: usually jeans, blouse and when it is cold I like to add a cardigan. Talking about shoes I always wear boot but when I know I'm going to have a long walk I alternate my roshe run or converse .

This time, walking through H&M I found these beautiful jeans that were in sales for 10 Euro, bargain. I paired it with this beautiful polka-dot sleeve  This is really warm i bought it especially for this reason because I'm very sensitive to the cold.

This probabily won't be my last purchase at H&M so soon there will be other clothes hauls. soon.

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