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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Marc Jacobs I love you

The title says It all, I have an addiction for Marc Jacobs and his creations, who doesn't? Here I would like to share with you my wishlist of things that I' m going to buy in his brand.

Wallet: I need a new wallet for my winter month, yes I change wallets depending on the season haha, and this beautiful creamy wallet is perfect for me, reflacts in some ways my style, simple but sophisticated at the same time.

Daisy- Parfume: I know this scent is summery but I love it so much that I will wear it in winter too, maybe in the sunny days would be perfect! There are many different daisy parumes that Marc Jacobs made but this one has catched my attention!

Daisy- Body Lotion: I usually match my perfume with a body lotion that has the same fragrance of the perfume to make it more intense and obviously Marc realised this heavenly lotion that you absolutely have to try! celestial.

Watch: And last but not least the watch that I wanted for ages. the most wanted Marc Jacobs Baker Watch. Oh my god there are not so many words to say, you just need to stare at this little accessory and you will instantly fall in love with it. promise.

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  1. Love this brand also ! I've got the bag and the wallet that's all ! But I am not going to stop here :) xx Lily www.fungry.fr

  2. ahhhahah I just need money, that's all ahah

  3. I love MJ too, I recently bought Daisy Delight perfume its so nice xx

  4. I agree with you. I'm ging to buy it as soon as possible

  5. really want the perfume!

    xx fameliquorlove.blogspot.com



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